Local Services


Emergencies only    999 or 112    Non emergency calls    101    #ThamesVP
    https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk https://www.facebook.com/TVPAylesburyVale
Crimestoppers    0800 555 111
Aylesbury Police Stn    Wendover Road, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP21 7ZS
Neighbourhood Watch    Diane Brown        396262
Schemes in Bell Walk, Brewhouse Lane, Church Street, Knolls Close, Leighton Road, Nup End Lane and The Dean.


Emergencies only    999 or 112    urgent but not life threatening calls    111
Defibrillators are located at Wingrave Park, Community Centre and Upper Wingbury Courtyard.
Doctors (GP)
    Ashcroft Surgery, Stewkley Road, Wing    https://www.ashcroft-surgery.co.uk/    688201
    Wing Surgery, 46 Stewkley Road, Wing    http://www.wingsurgery.co.uk    681814 688949
Hospital    Stoke Mandeville    https://www.buckshealthcare.nhs.uk/    315000
Patients Support Service    https://www.northbuckspatientsupport.info/    713434 option 6
    The Service aims to give you more choice and support to remain independent in your own home.

Social Services

Age UK Bucks    https://www.ageuk.org.uk/buckinghamshire/     431911
    Helping older people to live independently.
Affordable Warmth Network http://affordablewarmthnetwork.org.uk/    0800 107 0044
    Working to reduce the number of people in fuel poverty.
Caremark 4 Haybarn Business Park, Cublington Road, Aston Abbotts, HP22 4ND    641662
    Help and support in your own home from a local home care company.
CATS Community Association Transport Service, see WCA.
Citizens’ Advice Bureaux    2 Pebble Lane, Aylesbury    0870 126 4056
        Bossard House, West Street, Leighton Buzzard    01525 373878
Dial-A-Ride    Door to door transport for elderly and disabled    330088
Environmental Health Help Line (for noise problems contact the police)    585605
Financial help for individuals and families, see Wingrave United Charities.
Helping Hands    https://www.helpinghandshomecare.co.uk/our-locations/aylesbury/    752595
    Specialist live in care and one to one support.
Home help from Hannah        hannahmuckle19@gmail.com    07766 883706
    Supporting independent living.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on wheels is no longer operating. An alternative providing meals if required is:
    Wiltshire Farm Foods    https://www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com/    0800 077 3100

Wingrave Village Postie    postie@wingrave-wca.co.uk

A free service run by Wingrave WCA whereby villagers register their email addresses to receive news of events, Clubs, Parish Meetings, local business services, Aylesbury Police messages, items wanted or for sale and much more. The Postie uses the MailChimp Service to sent out blind copies to maintain confidentiality of email addresses, protect confidentiality, control spam and remove potential harmful attachments. New subscribers can sign up by following the link on the WCA website village postie page: https://www.wingrave-wca.co.uk/postie/. Please don’t forget to include your contact details on any posts where you are expecting a reply.

Utilities and Environmental

Gas    Gas Escapes        0800 111999    SGN   https://sgn.co.uk/
Electricity    Emergencies and power cut Tweet @ukpowernetworks    105https://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk for the latest updates.
British Telecom    Faults        0800 800151
Anglian Water    Water leak        0800 771881
Thames Water    Sewerage problems    (also tell the Parish Clerk)    0800 714614
Roads    see Bucks County Council
Street Lights    Report faults to the Parish Clerk    info@wwrpc.org.uk 07541 629224
Refuse/recycle collection    Wednesday
    Garden waste collection    alternate Wednesdays except during December and January
    any problems    https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/report-missed-bin    585510
Bulk waste disposal    Large items such as furniture or large kitchen appliances can be collected
    direct from home, see: https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/bulky-item-collection

Wing Community Library

71 Leighton Rd    @Wing_library        http://www.buckscommunitylibraries.org/wing/
    open Tue pm, Wed am, Fri pm, Sat am        https://www.facebook.com/wing.community.library


Baby Sensory        northbucks@babysensory.co.uk    07876 643276
    Every Thursday 10, 11:30am, 1pm in the Community Centre £7.00 per session booking is required

Wingrave Baby & Toddler Playgroup    wingraveplaygroup@gmail.com
    Every Monday 9:45-11:30 in term time in the Community Centre £2.50 per session.

Wingrave Pre-School        https://wingravepreschool.co.uk    682217
    Every weekday 9-3pm at Wingrave School, Twelve Leys, run by early years practitioners. Ages from 2
    years until school age. A relaxed, safe and stimulating environment with many and varied activities.
    Breakfast Club (8:00-9:00am) After School Club https://www.simplyoutofschool.co.uk/    01656 372910

Wingrave Church of England Combined School    https://www.wingrave.school    681436
    Head Teacher    Matt Tomson (head@wingrave.school)    office@wingrave.school

PTFA             ptfa@wingraveschool.org
    Wingrave Parents Teachers and Friends Association is a charity that raises extra funds through various
    events to enable Wingrave School to run activities or purchase equipment to enrich school life.

MacIntyre School    school@macintyrecharity.org https://www.macintyrecharity.org    681274
    https://www.twitter.com/meetmacintyre    https://www.facebook.com/MacIntyreCharity1
    Executive Lead:    Maria Fiddimore    maria.fiddimore@macintyrecharity.org
    MacIntyre School is happy to share the hall, drama suite and gymnasium with outside users, Please
    enquire at the school office (681274) if you would like more details.

Aylesbury Grammar School        484545
Aylesbury High School            415437
Cottesloe School, Wing            https://www.cottesloe.bucks.sch.uk 688264
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury        424781
Grange School, Aylesbury        423905