Wingrave Postie

Wingrave Postie distributes email messages from local people to a mailing list of subscribed villagers.  Example topics are: Thames Valley Police alert notices; Parish Council meeting notices; society events; items for sale or wanted; looking for certain trades and professions; lost pets; Rose and Crown upcoming events; and much more……

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Guidelines for Recipients

  • Postie uses a service called MailChimp to manage the list of subscribers and message distribution. The service allows users to self-subscribe, maintain email preferences and unsubscribe. Subscribers’  emails addresses are not shared or visible to other subscribers.
  • If you respond to a message, please remember to use the contact details of the original sender. Don’t “Reply” to the Postie.

Guidelines For Sending a Message

  • Each message is reviewed by the Postie to ensure inappropriate or annoying messages are not distributed.
  • Sender’s email addresses are not shared. Only the name and contact details in the message text are sent out.
  • Attachments cannot be forwarded – they are removed by the email distribution software to avoid risk of spreading viruses. If you wish to send images please compress and then paste them into the body of the email, and consider the message size when choosing picture quality or multiple pictures. Or you can offer to send high quality pictures direct to people that respond.
  • The sender’s full name must be included in the message text. Anonymous or offensive messages will not be forwarded. If you want responses, remember to include a phone number or email address. Postie doesn’t forward replies to the original sender.

To have a message sent out to the village mailing list, email it to .

Details of our Data Privacy policy and how Wingrave Postie complies with the General Data Protection Regulation are available here. 

Village Postie Links

To have a message sent out to the Postie mailing list, email it to

Please check the guidelines on this page.

To receive messages sign up here. 

To unsubscribe, use the “unsubscribe from this list” link. It is included in the footer of every message from Postie and looks like this: